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Our Artisans

Jewelry Making

Terri Valencia


As a small child, Terri would sit with her grandmother for hours, learning to knit, crochet and quilt.  She continued working on lots of craft projects with her mother as she grew up.  But it was not until she married that she began to think seriously about becoming an artist. 


In 1992, she ventured into a bead shop and bought enough beads to make a necklace.  She then took a few classes in wire working and metalsmithing,  realizing that working with metal opened up so many new avenues to explore.  After a few years, she went back to college and earned her BFA in jewelry/metals.  Terri also paints, weaves and embroiders.

Sandy Weiss

Sandy has been doing handicrafts nearly all her life.  She learned to sew in high school.  As an adult she taught herself to knit and macrame.


In the 1980's she discovered painting.  She is completely self-taught and has been at it for nearly 40 years.  Up till recently, she even cut the wood for her plaques and ornaments,  Sandy sill paints several hours every day.  Her preferred medium is acrylics and her favorite surface is wood.


More artists coming soon...

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